Building Communal Power, here in Pine Hills, Florida!

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Building Communal Power

Las Semillas Time Bank and Mutual Aid Network is a community based mutual aid cooperative generating power through community action and collaboration. A platform created to aid neighbors in helping their neighbors and organizations in collaborating with other local and regional organizations and institutions, all with the shared goal of creating a more sustainable, inclusive and responsive community in Pine Hills, Florida. Colloquially, we’re known as the Seeds of Pine Hills.

Our Next Event!

We Honor with Action!

Pine Hills residents have so much to be grateful for and even more to fight for– we honor our love, our ancestors, our dreams, with action!

Collaborative projects

Combining our resources and talents to work with other local organizations.

Resource Sharing

Sharing resources to help each other get needs met.

Social Programs

We’ve created a number of social programs to meet specific needs that aren’t being sufficiently supported. And are organization wants to remain a platform for creating such programs when there’s dire need.

How we support the Community of Pine Hills

Summary of Impact, to date


Student-led Beautification projects


Families Served by partnering pantries through network


Students helped in the recidivism program


Community Beautification Programs

Who We Are

We’re an artist-led organization of native Pine Hills residents, present and former, who share the same vision of creating a more sustainable, inclusive and responsive Pine Hills, Florida for all residents. We work to procure a collective identity that we call ‘One Pine Hills’ that represents a unified and striving Pine Hills that we will perpetually work towards.

  • Mutual Aid Organizers
  • Urbanists
  • Futurists
  • Network of a dozen or more youth programs
  • Food Pantry and Resource Support
  • One of nine current Timebank communities in Florida

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