Pine Hills is Where We Call Home.

Meet Seven.

Founder. Mentor. Pine Hills resident.

Lifelong resident in Pine Hills, Seven Charlestin, had a vision of space(s) for the denizens of Pine Hills to prioritize arts, health, and community building.

Read the Origin Story of Las Semillas: The Seeds of Pine Hills.

Named Las Semillas because of the inspiration of a mentor. Short for Seeds of Pine Hills. Started in the midst of the pandemic to help some struggling grassroots organizations and the desire to help build communal power in Pine Hills, Florida after a successful community mural project that inspired the possibility that we could tell our own stories and create a better future.

Art and Tactical Urbanism is at the heart of what this organization is about, creating intergenerational spaces for us to exist with pride, strength and in collaboration with one another.

Board of Directors

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Henry Claude

Vice Chair

Vanessa Charlestin

Board member

Medjina St.Fluer


David Caicedo

Director of Development

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Fred Prinville

Board Chair

Team Members

Rebecca Opont

Lead Resource Officer

Tawana Dumorney

Youth Justice coordinator

Seven Charlestin

Founder/Executive Director

Ebony M

Content Lead

Norman Anderson

Brand Ambassador

Kassandra Santiago

Vice President of Operations

Alexsa Collins

Content Lead

Preview of ‘The Hills Archive’

An archive of great moments in Pine Hills, collected and recorded for posterity! We want to tell the stories of people in Pine Hills past, present and future, so this archive is very important to us! You can support and access all our photos on our Patreon account!